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Carissa Sarreal
2 min readDec 3, 2021

Hi everyone — long time lurker seeing and supporting everyone’s ambitious posts. It has kept me hopeful and feeling less alone navigating the job hunt in tech — especially reading from the leaders and mentors here that share uplifting, supportive experiences in their solidarity with us job seekers.

So here is my coming out post, re-introducing myself that I am #OpenToWork as a software engineer and am seeking roles as junior developer for your company. I am proficient in Ruby, Javascript, Ruby on Rails and React-Redux.

Before the investment to become a software engineer, I spent 11 years in hospitality in NYC. I loved it. I still love it. Every day was an adventure that taught me how to think fast, choose the solutions that appeased everyone and land on my feet for the betterment of the company. Good food and wine involved was nice too.

I currently freelance as a wine teacher and I have so much fun meeting new people and creating the lessons based on what they want to know.

I’ve discovered it’s not the industry — IT’S ME.

As I told someone I networked with, I’m like a golden retriever service dog — I am just happy to be working. I will deliver what is asked.

In all of my life, fulfillment comes from knowing that I am serving a purpose and being an asset to my team/peers. You can ask those who have sought me to teach wine for them long after we’ve acquainted, the young girls I teach dance to at a nonprofit dance studio, to the adults in my fitness classes, or my cohort I studied with to pass assessments, or even those I share my HBOmax with because I know they could use it!

I am not just selling myself as a software engineer. I am showcasing who I am as your next employee — a deep loyalty, an eagerness to learn and be useful, humility in knowing I am not the best or the fastest, as well as patience and understanding that everything is a process. In short, I am here for you if you take me on.

Have a great day weekend, everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read this. Other deep musings on my tech journey are on here and my github is I am extremely welcome for any advice, guidance, musings, jokes, memes, or virtual coffee you can offer in your experience job hunting.

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Carissa Sarreal

Sommelier turned Software Developer