Starting the ‘Intro to JS’ lectures

I have been so curious and excited to see what Javascript is going to teach me.

In the late 90’s, there was only HTML. There was no CSS or Javascript at the time. I was part of this selected group of high school kids in Manila (I got in through family friend connections) who was responsible for designing a website for teens by teens. It was a project by HP-Asia. It would have been what Yahoo is today.

16 year old me is buried in there somewhere. At the end are two radio and tv commercials produced where I provided a few of the voices. That was where my love for voice acting started. Another dream I’ll get to one day…

If you had ever started your own website on (tbt) Geocities or Angelfire, you had the option to have 100% control of design on your website. I remember seeing Gwen Stefani’s personal webpage one day. I loved the design so much, I told a friend who knew programming, and she was a genius hacker (in our high school eyes). People paid her to design websites for them to put on their ICQ profile pages. That should give away my age for you. She could have gone VERY FAR had she stuck with coding since she was pretty much a pioneer programmer. She’s a doctor now. But it’s funny since the Philippines has quite a high reputation in the tech world today.

Anyway, she showed me the HTML code and how to play around with it so I could control updating and designing the website myself.

Seeing how HTML/CSS/JS has evolved has me feeling like an old woman reminiscing about a time gone by. I am extremely thankful for that one amazing summer I learned about how to build websites. Throughout two Ruby projects that I have done so far, I was still able to cheat and use the old skool HTML tags in my Views files without having to create CSS stylesheets. I am excited and hoping the remainder of the Javascript lessons make me feel riding an old bike again.



Sommelier turned Software Developer

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